OWE offshore wind energy

One of the main sources of renewable energy is offshore wind turbines. Offshore Wind Energy projects, due to the high costs of offshore repairs and the assumed durability of wind towers, are characterized by high quality requirements. The highest quality materials used for production and a modern machinery park, experienced and qualified engineering staff allow LIGUM to meet customer requirements.

For over a dozen years, LIGUM has experience in coating steel elements used in monopile marine structures for OWE such as: J-tube, Boat landing with elastomer. Many years of experience, know-how, knowledge and experience allow us to define ourselves as a leader in this field, as evidenced by the projects we implement.

Sample participations in the realisation of the Offshore Wind Farm projects in the years 2008-2023:

  • RhylFlats Abergele, United Kingdom, in 2008 LIGUM produced and delivered rubber elements for the Rhyl Flats Offshore Wind Farm
  • Humber Gateway East Ridingof Yorkshire, United Kingdom, in 2013 LIGUM produced and delivered rubber elements for the Humber Gateway​ Offshore Wind Farm
  • Amrumbank West North Sea, In Germany, LIGUM produced and delivered rubber elements for the Amrumbank West Offshore Windpark water park
  • GeminiNorth Sea, In the Netherlands, LIGUM manufactured and delivered rubber components for the Gemini offshore wind farm.
  • Rampion English Channel, In Great Britain, LIGUM has manufactured and supplied rubber components to the Rampion Offshore Windpark
  • Doggerbank B,C (UK), NOIRMOTIER (FR), He-Dreiht (GER) ​