Production capabilities

We are able to cover rollers in following maximal dimensions and weight:

Total length: 9 000mm

Total diameter: 1 000mm

Total weight: 5 500kg

Types of typically used compounds

Acrylat - rubber (EACM)

Acrylnitrile - Butadien - rubber (NBR)

Butyl - rubber (IIR)

Ethylene - Propylene - Dien - rubber (EPDM)

Fluor - rubber (FKM)

Chlorbutadien - rubber (CR)

Chlorsulfon - Polyethylene (CSM - Hypalon)

Natural rubber (NR)

Polynorbon - rubber

Polyurethane (PU)

Silicone - rubber (VMQ)

Styrol - Butadien - rubber (SBR)

and other special elastomers (CM, HTM, NBR+PVC...)